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Our Team/People

Sahuliyat Kashmir: A Beacon of Hope and Compassion

Welcome to the Our Team page of Sahuliyat Kashmir, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of the people in the beautiful valley of Kashmir. Our team is a diverse and passionate group of individuals committed to a common mission – to bring hope, relief, and change to the lives of those who need it most.

Our team comprises dedicated professionals, volunteers, and community leaders who work tirelessly to address the unique challenges faced by the people of Kashmir. With a focus on education, healthcare, women’s empowerment, and economic development, our team members bring a wealth of expertise, experience, and unwavering enthusiasm to every project we undertake.

Our staff includes educators who are shaping the future of Kashmir’s youth, healthcare professionals providing essential medical care, and social workers working to empower women and communities. Our volunteers, local and international, provide their time and skills to support our initiatives.

At Sahuliyat Kashmir, we are more than just a team; we are a family driven by compassion and dedication. Together, we are creating a brighter, more hopeful future for the people of Kashmir, one project at a time. Join us in our journey to make a meaningful difference in this breathtaking region.

Imran Maqbool Wani

Core Member

Imran Maqbool Wani is holding degrees in BA, Masters in Social Work & Public Administration. He brings extensive experience as a Social Auditor for PM Poshan Abhiyan, Field Investigator for PMGSY, STEM Fellow at JKASW, and former Intern at Save the Children. His expertise lies in child rights, education, and field research.


Salman Ajaz Qadri


With an MBA, Salman founded the Sahuliyat Kashmir NGO in 2017. In addition to his professional commitments in various corporate companies, Salman displays unwavering dedication and passion for the field of social work. Despite the demands of his job, he actively contributes his time and efforts to the Sahuliyat Kashmir NGO,       more…

Faheem Abaas

Core Member

Faheem Abbas hold’s a Bachelor’s degree in Technology (B.Tech) and have been actively contributing to the corporate world as a Senior Business Associate at Tata Consultancy Services. In addition to his professional commitments, he has also been deeply involved with Sahuliyat Kashmir since 2018, serving as a core 


Sameem Shafi Hafiz


Sameem, who possesses an MSc in Soil Science, has been serving as the President of the Sahuliyat Kashmir NGO since 2018,while also holding a significant role as a subject matter expert in various educational institutions. Sameem consistently demonstrates a profound commitment and deep passion for the field of social work.          more…

Sana Jan

Core Member

Sana Jan has completed her bachelor’s in commerce and is pursuing MBA. She brings her creative writing skills on the table as an experienced content writer. She has worked with various NGOs and is enthusiastic about societal causes.


Serwat Ilahi Shah

Vice President

Serwat Ilahi Shah has completed her graduation in Electrical Engineering. She has worked as a content writer since 2019 in our NGO. Now she has been promoted to the position of Vice President. She helps in making decisions at every stage of different projects in our organization. She is  more…

Soliha Shafi

Event Manager

Soliha Shafi Beigh has completed her MBA in Hospital Adminstration and is Well versatile an event manager.Known for planning and supervising exciting events that draw in new business. Tackles issues with relative ease and remains composed in all types of     more…


Why Sahuliyat ?

Sahuliyat Kashmir stands as a beacon of hope and transformative action in the heart of Jammu and Kashmir. We are your choice for several compelling reasons. By choosing Sahuliyat Kashmir, you are choosing to be a part of this monumental effort to make a lasting and positive impact on our community. Join us in our mission to empower, uplift, and bring about meaningful change in the lives of those who deserve it the most. Together, we can build a brighter and more equitable future for all.
  • Unlocking Possibility

    Our organization is dedicated to unlocking the boundless potential that resides within underprivileged children, youth, women, and the elderly. We believe in the power of education, healthcare, and opportunity to transform lives. By choosing Sahuliyat Kashmir, you choose to be a part of this incredible journey of unlocking new possibilities for those who need it most.

  • Driving Change on a Large Scale

    Our vision extends far beyond isolated efforts. We are committed to driving change on a large scale, touching the lives of thousands of individuals and families across Jammu and Kashmir. We work tirelessly to create a society where everyone, regardless of their background, can access quality healthcare, education, and livelihood opportunities.

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