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Sahuliyat Kashmir: Bridging Communities in Jammu and Kashmir

Sahuliyat Kashmir is deeply committed to enriching the lives of people across Jammu and Kashmir through a diverse range of vital services spanning healthcare, education, and livelihood. In particular, our organization places significant emphasis on the healthcare sector, where we play a pivotal role in offering essential oxygen services. This crucial support is designed to aid patients who are grappling with deoxygenation or are afflicted by COPD, conditions that demand immediate and sustained attention. To fulfill this mission, Sahuliyat Kashmir has strategically acquired a range of vital medical equipment, including oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders, and Bipap and Cpap machines. These resources are made available to those who need them most, ensuring that individuals receive the medical care and assistance they require during their health journeys.

Furthermore, our commitment to accessibility and the welfare of the specially-abled is unwavering. We offer wheelchair services that extend beyond the standard scope. These services encompass short-term rentals as well as opportunities for wheelchair donations. Our primary focus here is on individuals who hold disability certificates issued by the Disability Board, ensuring that those who require specialized mobility support have access to it. Our dedication to enhancing health and accessibility underscores our larger commitment to serving and empowering our community. It is through these initiatives that we aim to make a substantial and lasting impact in the lives of the people we are privileged to serve.

Oxygen Cylinders / Air Mattress / Nebulizers / Patient Beds

Sahuliyat Kashmir supports many patients to access convenient medical solution that helps them during their treatment

Oxygen Concentrators / BiPAP / CPAP

At our facility, approximately ten (10) oxygen concentrators are readily available to serve patients who are experiencing respiratory ailments, with a particular focus on those diagnosed with COVID-19.

Mission Wheelchair Kashmir

As part of this initiative, we are committed to providing 100 wheelchairs to individuals with verified disability cards, showcasing a 75% or higher level of disability

Mission Education Kashmir

Our mission is guided by a vision to ensure that every child in Kashmir receives at least a basic education up to the 12th grade, which is considered essential in today’s world.


Why Sahuliyat ?

Sahuliyat Kashmir stands as a beacon of hope and transformative action in the heart of Jammu and Kashmir. We are your choice for several compelling reasons. By choosing Sahuliyat Kashmir, you are choosing to be a part of this monumental effort to make a lasting and positive impact on our community. Join us in our mission to empower, uplift, and bring about meaningful change in the lives of those who deserve it the most. Together, we can build a brighter and more equitable future for all.
  • Unlocking Possibility

    Our organization is dedicated to unlocking the boundless potential that resides within underprivileged children, youth, women, and the elderly. We believe in the power of education, healthcare, and opportunity to transform lives. By choosing Sahuliyat Kashmir, you choose to be a part of this incredible journey of unlocking new possibilities for those who need it most.

  • Driving Change on a Large Scale

    Our vision extends far beyond isolated efforts. We are committed to driving change on a large scale, touching the lives of thousands of individuals and families across Jammu and Kashmir. We work tirelessly to create a society where everyone, regardless of their background, can access quality healthcare, education, and livelihood opportunities.

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