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Sana Jan

( Core Member )

Sana Jan’s background and experiences showcase a well-rounded and multi-faceted individual who is dedicated to societal causes. Let’s elaborate on her educational journey, professional skills, and enthusiasm for social work:


1.Educational Pursuits:Sana’s pursuit of an MBA, alongside her completed bachelor’s in commerce, signifies her commitment to academic excellence and personal growth. This educational background equips her with business and management knowledge that can be valuable in the field of social work.


2.Creative Writing Skills:Sana’s experience as an experienced content writer brings a unique set of skills to the table. Her ability to effectively communicate ideas and stories through the written word can be a powerful tool for NGOs and other organizations seeking to raise awareness about their causes or engage with their target audience.


3.Versatility:The combination of a commerce background with creative writing skills and an MBA pursuit makes Sana a versatile professional. She can contribute in various capacities within an NGO, from content creation to project management and strategic planning.


4.Passion for Societal Causes:Sana’s enthusiasm for societal causes is evident through her past work with various NGOs. Her willingness to commit her time and skills to these organizations indicates a genuine desire to make a positive impact on pressing social issues.


In summary, Sana Jan’s journey exemplifies a passionate individual who brings a blend of educational pursuits, creative writing skills, and a commitment to social work. Her ability to combine these facets of her life has the potential to make a significant and positive impact on the causes she is enthusiastic about, as well as inspire others to do the same.

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