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Sameem Shafi Hafiz

( President )

Sameem’s story is another compelling example of an individual who has dedicated themselves to social work while maintaining significant professional responsibilities. His background in Soil Science, as evidenced by his MSc, is unique, and he has effectively leveraged this knowledge to serve as the President of the Sahuliyat Kashmir NGO since 2018. Here, we’ll elaborate on Sameem’s unwavering commitment and passion for social work, despite the demands of his educational and professional roles.


1.Educational Expertise: Sameem’s MSc in Soil Science likely equips him with specialized knowledge and expertise in an area not commonly associated with social work. This knowledge could be valuable in addressing environmental and agricultural challenges within the NGO’s projects, showcasing his ability to bring a unique perspective to the organization.


2.Leadership Skills: As the President of the NGO, Sameem is likely responsible for setting the organization’s strategic direction, managing teams, and making critical decisions. His leadership role underscores his commitment to steering the NGO toward its social goals.


3.Balancing Multiple Roles: Juggling his position as a subject matter expert in educational institutions alongside the role of President in an NGO demonstrates Sameem’s ability to multitask effectively. This requires strong time management and organizational skills.


4.Mentorship and Inspiration: Sameem’s ability to balance his educational and social work roles can serve as a source of inspiration and mentorship for his students and colleagues. It can encourage others to become actively involved in social causes.


In summary, Sameem’s journey, marked by his MSc in Soil Science, leadership in the Sahuliyat Kashmir NGO, and his significant role in educational institutions, exemplifies his unwavering commitment and deep passion for social work. His actions serve as an inspiration for individuals from diverse backgrounds to actively engage in meaningful change within the sphere of social service while effectively managing their professional responsibilities.

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