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Our Work


Sahuliyat Kashmir is working for the welfare of people in j&k we work for underprivileged families in major four domains i.e; Healthcare, Education, Child Development, Livelihood. These are our major 4 pillars under which we have various projects for the welfare of society.


In Livelihood programs we try to reach such families who are having either zero income or have lost their wealth by anyway like natural calamities or any other reason under this mission we have 3 projects designed in which Mission Zero Hunger is on going and rest two are in funding mode

Mission Zero Hunger

Under This Project we Deliver Monthly Ration Kits 100+ Families Every Year and in the month of Holy Ramazan we try to reach max number of families. hunger in India is the most uprising issue so, to overcome that we try our level best to reach max number of families at our own This project is covered in our livelihood section .

Mission Khatoon

Under Mission Khatoon We Try to reach max number of girls by providing free monthly sanitary pads and try to aware them about various menstrual hygiene and its related issues this initiative was started in 2020 when COVID lockdown was started “Sahuliyat Acted As brothers” and successfully distributed nearly 10000+ Sanitary Napkins Across J&K In 2020 – 2021


In Healthcare program, we Sahuliyat Kashmir try to reach max number of underprivileged families. We have some health services as well like oxygen concentrators, nebulizers and wheelchairs apart from these healthcare services we are having project for old age people non-pensioners who can’t afford their monthly medicine or depend on their family and the family financial strength is low so, we came up with this initiative to enroll such old age people with Sahuliyat and provide them monthly medicine amount in their respective accounts. Also some other programs are given below under healthcare programs

Oxygen Concentrators

Under Mission Oxygen Concentrator we provide Oxygen Concentrators at the doorsteps of underprivileged Covid Patients at a very nominal rate. We  worked for the upliftment of slum  children who resides in slums and lack basic necessities and cannot afford treatment.

Child Development

Under Child Development Program we Sahuliyat Kashmir have designed a project Mission newborn babies hygiene kit cover such babies whose parents are not alive, or suffered due to low financial situations, or suffering any situations where they can’t afford the expenses so, we try to overcome their little responsibility by providing newborn baby hygiene cum nourishment kits upto 6 month of the baby from the date of delivery without any discrimination of caste , creed, color, gender, religion because we be alive when newborn baby came in this world he/she don’t have any idea about his geographical area or financial strength of his / her parents so why a newborn baby will suffer so, to take good care of his/her hygienic health we came up with this program . This Project is in funding mode right now


Why Sahuliyat ?

Sahuliyat Kashmir stands as a beacon of hope and transformative action in the heart of Jammu and Kashmir. We are your choice for several compelling reasons. By choosing Sahuliyat Kashmir, you are choosing to be a part of this monumental effort to make a lasting and positive impact on our community. Join us in our mission to empower, uplift, and bring about meaningful change in the lives of those who deserve it the most. Together, we can build a brighter and more equitable future for all.
  • Unlocking Possibility

    Our organization is dedicated to unlocking the boundless potential that resides within underprivileged children, youth, women, and the elderly. We believe in the power of education, healthcare, and opportunity to transform lives. By choosing Sahuliyat Kashmir, you choose to be a part of this incredible journey of unlocking new possibilities for those who need it most.

  • Driving Change on a Large Scale

    Our vision extends far beyond isolated efforts. We are committed to driving change on a large scale, touching the lives of thousands of individuals and families across Jammu and Kashmir. We work tirelessly to create a society where everyone, regardless of their background, can access quality healthcare, education, and livelihood opportunities.

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