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Salman Ajaz Qadri

( Founder )

Salman’s journey is a testament to his commitment to making a meaningful impact in the field of social service. Having obtained an MBA, he leveraged his education and skills to establish the Sahuliyat Kashmir NGO in 2017. This decision showcases his desire to combine his professional expertise with his social conscience, highlighting his dedication to the cause. 


Salman’s ability to manage both his professional commitments in various corporate companies and his involvement with the NGO reflects his extraordinary work ethic and passion for social work. It’s not uncommon for individuals with demanding corporate careers to struggle to find time and energy for outside commitments, but Salman manages to balance both areas of his life effectively. This balance signifies his unwavering dedication to the betterment of his community. 


The fact that Salman actively contributes his time and efforts to the Sahuliyat Kashmir NGO is commendable. It indicates that he doesn’t view his involvement with the NGO as merely a side project but as a central part of his life. Some of his notable points and experiences include:


1.Leadership Skills: Salman’s MBA education likely equipped him with strong leadership and management skills, which he has effectively applied in running the Sahuliyat Kashmir NGO. His ability to lead and inspire others is essential for the success of any nonprofit organization.


2.Networking:Corporate experience often entails extensive networking opportunities. Salman’s corporate connections may have been instrumental in securing support, partnerships, and collaborations for the NGO, which can be invaluable in achieving its social goals.


3.Advocacy for Social Responsibility: Salman’s ability to balance both professional and social responsibilities can serve as an example of how individuals can advocate for corporate social responsibility (CSR) within their workplaces, encouraging other companies to support charitable initiatives.


4.Resilience and Determination:The ability to continue working in a demanding corporate role while actively participating in social work demonstrates Salman’s resilience and determination. It shows that he is not easily deterred by obstacles and is committed to overcoming challenges to make a positive impact.


In conclusion, Salman’s journey, combining an MBA, a corporate career, and active involvement in the Sahuliyat Kashmir NGO, highlights a unique blend of skills, dedication, and passion for social work. His actions and achievements can inspire others to follow a similar path of making a meaningful impact in the field of social service while managing professional commitments.

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